Friday, February 20, 2004

Major Shift - Striving More and More and why I believe blogs are to secret to simplicity

Well Today...I am going to start adding alot more of my thoughts to the site.

Lately, I have been sucked into watching some TV. I am not saying I think tv is evil. I just think I could do better. One of the things I believe that has simplified my life is reading blogs. You might be saying what? How is that simple?

Well, you can learn so much from blogs. You can relate so much to what people are going through.

Things I have learned from certain blogs:

My Wife and I are pregnant. I have learned from theworkingmother how lucky we are to be future parents. But trust me we still have a long haul.

**Tangent**- Pregnancy in many ways is a very life complexing event. It is amazing how many classes we have already been too.. **End Tagent**

You can learn a lot about new music. A lot of chatter about Danger Mouse's Grey Album. On this Blog A Complete Bunch of Pants. You can also learn about what is going on around the country and world that isn't reported on the news. For instance, that Nazi's are rallying at NC state capitol.

In many ways I read blogs because they give me a view in to life (almost better than the mall or the airport). This was a recent topic on orkut in Bloggers Community (let me know if you want to be invited).

Why do you read blogs? Let me know!

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