Monday, February 02, 2004

JANET and JUSTIN - Careful some nudity in links

Ok... I hate TV. So I didn't get to see the soup Er Bowl. But I am so sick sick sick of exposed skin and crap like that. I just get tired of having sex slammed in my face. I am tired of stars thinking the only way they can get media exposure is doing crap.

BUT it does work. I know. Let's just have some respect for the world. don't show your b*east on tv. WHY? Why do we need this. What does it accomplish.

Can't we leave some things to our imagination?

Plus this story says that CBS knew this was going to happen. It makes you want to smash all tv's....BUT HERE I AM LINKING TO IT. Promoting sex.

You can call me a prude that is fine. I am just done with nudity and crap on tv. And movies have gone way to far for "realism".

I loved the matrix but the last one had way to many fight scenes. It was just so dull. Give me plot, give me character development and SHOW us respect!

Oh well! Just check out the story on Drudge.


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