Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Rut

Life seems to be a rut sometimes. Some nights I will sit down and
look at all the neat stuff that is on the 'net. Google SMS (cool...
used it on vacation and was very helpful) and Google Desktop. These
in mind are rut contributing items. These perpetuate the rut, they
make me want cooler things.

The rut makes you not content with your current computer, digital
camera, mp3 player or Tivo. Where does it end? When do we decide
what we have now is enough. That is why I believe in the phrase ONE.
I think you can watch this blog and say that I haven't done a great
job of simplify. I mean we do simple things. But we still get more
complicated things. I mean I want high speed Internet. But is or
isn't it simple. Who really knows.

Why am I writing this. I think that my life has lost the goal of
striving to simple. To read, to grow, to love, to know, to let go of
the desire and focus on Simple.

I believe that God makes life simple. You may not but I do.

My Daughter is Simple. She EATS, Sleeps and Poops/Pees. That is what
we all are about.
We need to focus on family on friends and helping others.


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