Wednesday, October 06, 2004

6 Weeks

Yesterday Emma was 6 weeks old. She is really starting to develop a
personality. She is starting to smile more frequently everyday. She
loves to have time in her crib for "kick time", this is where she sits
and watches her mobile and just kicks her legs. It is amazing! It
still overwhelms me (us) everyday the joy Emma has brought to our

We are going to be heading to Topsail Beach, NC next week to do some
exploring and vacationing. Emma's first trip to the beach. Yeah we
know she is just 6 weeks. No we aren't going to let her swim on her
own. But we should have lots of exciting pictures.

Speaking of Diaper Count this father has developed a way to keep track
of it all Look Here.I am jealous.

She is getting close to sleeping through the night. Soon... Soon...

more later..

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