Thursday, October 07, 2004

Google SMS

Google's Labs just launched a SMS service. This new service provides
the same information as the web searches, but in SMS format.

The users from USA who want to get the information must send an SMS to '46645', with an extra text. Why the number '46645'r? Try typing 'GOOGLE' with your mobile.

You've got more information on this link, but the main 'extra texts' are:

:: 'pizza new york' returns information from 'Google Local'
(businesses in local areas).

:: 'Smith San Francisco CA', information from 'PhoneBook' (phone
numbers and addresses for residences in the US).

:: 'Price ipod 20gb', prices from 'Froogle' (online products).

:: 'D computer', word definitions.

:: 'G population San Francisco' returns a classical Google search (you
get the two-line 'snippet').

:: Type 'sin(45 degrees)' and you'll use Google as a Calculator.

Check it out!

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Ro said...

Hit the "next blog" on blogger and found your space. This thing about Google and SMSs confirms my beliefs that Google is the best site in the world. Thanks!