Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Snowed In Day Two! Wow!

Day two. Can't get out of the camp. We are still snowed in.

The beauty of living simple sometimes that it is so simple. Ok, I know that sounds like a very stupid statement. But let me give you some examples:

1) I have dial-up internet - It is either ON or OFF. I don't have to worry about whether the cable company or the DSL is having low bandwidth issues

2) We live in a beautiful area. We go for a walk. It is so simple. We don't have to get in a bus/car for a beautiful park. We live in the park. We go out our door.

3) I think reading is so simple. Whether you reading peoples web logs, magazine's or books. It is simple.

But I know it is boring to read about such simplicity. I am not trying to win awards by ranting on about simplicity. I am striving for simplicity. In every aspect of our lives.

I think some where along the way we missed it. I think you can have technology and live simple. It is a fine balance. But we let things make our lives complicated. More on that later.

But the best example of simple living are indoor cats. That eat, sleep, poop, play and then sleep some more. Now that is simple.

Some people don't want to live simple. Me I do. I don't want to spend gobs of money on crap. I do sometimes. I found this great discussion board on Living Below your means. I put a link in the menu section. More later

Living Simple.


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