Monday, January 26, 2004

Simplicity ...ARGH!!

Well today is one of those days where you wish you weren't so SIMPLE. We are snowed in. Now this might be a southern thing, b/c I haven't mentioned this yet but we are in the south. So snow in the south means everything shuts down. That people have bought all the bread and milk for miles around (that is a blog by itself)

I used the term snow but it really is just sleet. We can't go anywhere in this rural area. The roads aren't passable. So we are watching TV right now. The One Channel so just lots of Today show right now. But we are about to hit the time of day where crappy TV comes on. SOAP OPERAS - sorry soap fans. Alright then!! These are the days when my wife and I say alright we are going to get satellite. (We have decide not to get a satellite to SIMPLIFY our lives).

Most days. One Channel makes decisions easy. We don't have to surf channels. We either like it or we don't. And if we don't we cut it off. We either go outside, read, play a board game or surf the internet. If you don't realize TV is a trap. When we go to visit relatives I will sit in front of the TRAVEL CHANNEL all day and watch the World Poker Tour marathon. You know it is true. You have done it.

But today.....ONE Channel and snowed in.

Living Simple with One Channel. More later!

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