Sunday, January 25, 2004

One Channel - A brief introduction

In November of 2001, I began a new journey. For years I have been working at Camps, but that was in the summers. The camps I worked at was rural, but there was a town reasonably close enough where you could get groceries within five minutes. When I moved to my new camp (which will remain nameless) I moved to a true rural area. It is 30 minutes to a decent grocery store. I love nature and I love the outdoors. But when not engaged in those activities. I just like any other male surround my life with gadgets.

So by November 2001 television had become a part of my life. Just like most Americans my life had become wrapped in the television. It is where I got my news and entertainment (and still is to some degree). When moving into my job provided home I was furnished a TV Antenna (what in the world is this antique device). ***Now let me digress for a moment. Growing up as a kid in Atlanta we got all the network channels. Cable TV wasn't the norm. I remember when we got cable. So I am not one of those people growing only knowing cable. I mean I can remember my Commodore 64 and 300 baud modem. *** So back to the story. I proceeded to plug the antenna cable into my TV and found that I got ONE CHANNEL. Hey this is better than no channels as I was thinking. That one Channel was NBC. (Not insult others but I was thinking of all channels to just get this was the best to have).

This Blog is to document what just one channel (and living in a rural area) has done for our lives. The coming blogs will be of current and past events that we have encountered. We live in a modest sized house (provided by the camp in which I am employed), we have three cats and my wife is pregnant with our first child. She is also a financial/debt advisor. To bring our lives back to a more community oriented life. We aren't there. This will be the beginning of striving and what happens along the way. My wife will be adding her thoughts to our journey.

Living Simply. One Channel.

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