Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Stories Part ONE

I am going to try and recount some crazy things that happen at camp
this summer..
So this is going to be an entry of all the things.. Afterwards will be
a entry of detail about each incident. Of course the details that I
can give in a public forum.

Father jumping on Kid at Closing - written in today's entry
The Laura Incident
The Latrice Incident
The Fooding
The Brent
The Burger King
The Lice
The Angie Incident
The Shoes
The Hand in Glass
The Hwy 276 incident
The Resignation
The Runaway
The Kim
The MD


It would seem that one of our counselors had a camper who was
rebellious in nature. He enjoyed giving his younger brother a hard
time. As typical brothers are. He was constantly going around a
harrassing his younger brother at camp. One such incident really
proved to upset the younger brother. So the younger brother had
enough. He decided to retaliate. He took a random pair of underwear
and wrote his older brother's name on the paper of underwear. He then
proceeded to place this underwear in his brother's units "mail can".
This made his brother very very very very very MAD. So during our
closing time that week I am up front going through lost and found.....
all the sudden I see this Dad jump on HIS SON in the crowd of KIDS
because he was about to hit his younger brother. Needless to say the
crowd was shocked and so was I.

Well that is Drama number #1...


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