Friday, August 27, 2004

Baby Emma Marie is Here!

Well we are home now.. WE had our baby on Tuesday morning at 12:30
a.m. Wow what an experience it was... To start off on Sunday they
gave naomi some medicine to loosen her cervix. And then began giving
her petocin in the morning which help start the contraction process.
Hour after hour we waited and slept and waited for her to be dialated
to 10 cms. Finally about 11:30 on Aug 23rd (Which is Naomi's bday)
she began to push and 1 hour later we had a beautiful new baby girl...

The last couple of days have been a huge learning curve. From
learning about nursing and jaudice. That is right she has a little
jaundice. She is wearing a UV Blanket to help break up the Billy
Reuben in here...

So day after day more about emma!! She is beautiful

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