Friday, March 12, 2004

More than ONE... The Apprentice....And yes I was trying to cheat is offical we moved to another house up the hill. And it came with a satillete dish. So we have more than one channel to chose from. We still watch the same one channel. Interesting. It is probably b/c we really only watch Tv on thursday. I am still addicted to the apprentice. I like TROY. I semi liked heidi but I am glad she gone. It never seems that kumai produces much.

The other Team trumped protege'. Selling advertisement worked. Worked well. I wonder who Troy and Kumai are going to pick to be on there team. Will they pick AMY she is undefeated!! Never has she been to the Board Room!!!

Oh yeah, I did have six blogsnob links I guess it was cheating.

Whoops!! I will remove them.


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