Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Simplifying Life Part 1

Like I mentioned before we don't have TV. We just have highspeed internet. We just want to be simple. But lately I have become addicted to watch TV shows on CBS, ABC and NBC. Many of there popular shows are online. It has become very addicting and much easier than regular television watching.

We cancelled our Netflix account. And today I looked at a Service called Vongo (a starz service). I read many reviews. Here is an excerpt of one that I read...

This review is from Sharkjumping.com After almost a month with Vongo, Starz' new online movie service, I'm canceling it rather than extend the subscription. The strengths and weaknesses I detailed 3 weeks ago are still there after a lot of use, but what really stands out is a surprising lack of quality in the video delivery. The graininess is most evident when output to a TV, but even on my laptop, the quality is noticeably weak, probably close to a VHS or worse. It's not a deal killer by itself, but I now notice it every time I use the product. It doesn't heve to be HD quality, but I'm not sure that this level is sufficient by today's standards, even it accelerates the download process a bit and takes up less room on the hard drive.

If you read that article further you will see that it is not really what we are looking for.

More Later...


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