Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Long time lots of news

Man it has been such a long time since i have put any real thoughts down here. But there has been lots of new happenings. The biggest thing that still surrounds life is our wonderful amazing daughter. We ahve just watched her blossom in to a beautiful almost one year old girl. Camp started off pretty rocking. Had an amazing staff. Couldn't not ask for anything more. The job ended up ending on July 10th. And now we are in transition. We are getting ready to move to Blue Ridge to Dad's Cabin and start a new life. It seems like such a big gamble. Naomi is leaving her Job for us to go out to the Blue Ridge and I am going to Sell Real EState. It is a booming place Blue Ridge and right now it is a Seller's Market. There is lots of growth and lots of oppurtunity. The goal eventually is to get naomi not working and spending time with the eventually family. Right now i am loving being a three unit family. Emma is such a sweet an amazing young lady. We are getting back to simplicty. We are going back to the Cabin. No Tv. we will have internet. But we are just going to try to live simply for a while. ONE. you know the whole reason that i started the journal. there is somthing so appealing about just free writing. Not worrying about punctuation. That is how I want this to be. I don't care if anyone reads it. I don't care if I ever read. But I want to be a place where my thoughts are done. So we won't forget them. This move, This Job change it is going to get us out of our comfort zone. It is going to challenge us. We really do feel that we are following God's will. And we are excited about that. I hope and pray that we can change lives in blue ridge. That we can become productive citzens. God has blessed us both with great skills. There is so much we are going to miss about life in SC. We are going to miss beautiful Greenville. It feels so much like home. We are going to miss all the camp staff that still talk to us. The lives that we have had an oppurtunity to touch. We are going to miss Caesar's Head. We are going to miss camping. But tonight I realized that I will be back. The next step and you heard it here first. The next time I am in camping it will be on my terms and my camp and changing lives. CHANGING LIVES. It won't stop don't worry it isn't goig to stop. I love Kids and I love camping. I belive. I know Bob is looking down. This is just a step. JUST a step to greater things. More soon. Don't worry. You won't know where this is kept. My thoughts. No secrets. Just happy thougts. ONE. ONE FAMILY (Love the family) ONE wife (Amazing Wife) One Room (one room house) one daughter (amazing Daughter). Thank you Jesus....AMEN!!!!


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