Monday, September 27, 2004

Human Tivo and Parent Brain

Sometimes I wish there was such thing as a HumanTivo. You know
everybody would love it.

You just had one of those conversations with your spouse (or
co-worker), the ones with the words 'yes you did say that' , 'no I
didn't say that'.. How priceless would the Human Tivo be in that
conversation. Just go to the previously archived conversation. Play
it Back! Or someone is talking to fast and you play the slow play
button. Or you are going deaf and instead of asking that person what
they said you just play the jump back button.

Well... we could have used the HumanTivo tonight. I said to Naomi,
"you want to rent a PPV movie tonight" and she said sure. We saw the
'The Prince and Me' on the list. So we decided to rent it. Well 2
minutes and $3.99 later, we remember that we had rented this movie
some one month ago on DVD (which we rarely do). See HumanTivo would
have been great to have at this point. Ahhh... Parent Brain...

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