Thursday, April 22, 2004

Some Observations

First Off... I know everyone is sick of SPAM. But I am really sick of spam. Now so spam I get b/c I requested it. I know it is technically not spam then. But I really thought it would be fun to read when I signed up... But now... Alas... I don't... I just don't

One Channel Update. Ha Ha.. The Jokes on me. So we decided to get a Sat. Well they still haven't come out to offical install the Sat. I just sort of hooked it up. I don't know If I installed incorrectly or what but it is getting a very weak signal now. IT MAKES Things really complicated. I maintain that one Channel makes life simplier.

We are keeping life simple still. Living in the woods.

We have a Doctors' Appointment today. routine. But we love them..

I have a majority of my staff hired... more later today (hopefully)

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