Monday, December 19, 2005

Katrina Relief Day One

Today was our first full day in Biloxi to help provide relief and recovery.  Honestly, when we came down here we thought that a lot more progress would have been made.  But as you can see from the pictures on There are still homes in devastation. 

We are hearing that it CLEAN compared to how it looked a few months ago,  but folks are still living in cars and tents.  A lot of families are lucky to be living in a FEMA trailers but most are not.

The major dilemma that most families are facing is they no longer have a home but still have a mortgage and their insurance covers wind damage but not water.  Their disaster relief money has already run out.  Not sure what to do to help them.

BUT, today I did hear of some needs in this area.

1) More work teams.  We are working with a ministry called Hands and Feet and they need more work teams.
2) At least 1 Double Wide Trailer for the free clinic here in the outskirts of Biloxi.
3) Prayer for the emotional and mental distress associated with losing everything but the clothes on their back.  Help getting through the grief process.  This is a job that only God can tackle. 

 We are sure as the days go by we will hear of more needs but for now this is

God Bless,

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